YouTube Creator

  • Grades 4+
  • 2-hour Classes
  • 10 Weeks Per Session
  • Red Carpet Showcase Night
  • $420 + HST/student per session

Each session of YouTube Creators focuses on hands on learning, while encouraging imagination and creativity. 

During the 10-week course, students will plan YouTube content, design, and build sets and backdrops, discuss YouTube-specific platform criteria, and learn to use various film making equipment with the goal of creating a YouTube video portraying their personal interests and preferences. 

Each student will have the opportunity to work on their own individual YouTube creations throughout the course while also supporting their peers to achieve their visions. 

At the completion of the Session, all students will have access to their final movie as an online download. 

Showcase Night: Each session will host a Red Carpet screening. This fun event allows our students the opportunity to invite friends and family to celebrate their project on the Big Screen. This will be a 30-45min event and will include all programs product from the Session. 

** is NOT responsible for maintaining or monitoring of any YouTube channels created during this program** 

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Students will learn how to create and brand a YouTube channel, tailored to their interests.  
  • Students will learn to use different camera & lighting techniques while creating their content. 
  • Students will learn editing techniques to put together all video files filmed in the production stage, creating their final video.  
  • Students will learn collaborative skills to work efficiently as a group to achieve a desired task.  
  • Students will develop organizational skills such as, goal setting, delegating tasks, and leadership.  

Daily Activities: 

  • Lessons on YouTube channels, videos, and editing.  
  • Creative time for coming up with their channel idea and story line for their first video. 
  • Filming their planned video. 
  • Editing time to compile their filmed work.