Videography 101 Workshop

Introductory Workshop for Adults

Our Videography 101 workshop is an immersive introductory course designed to equip participants with a basic understanding of navigating your camera. Throughout the workshop, attendees delve into the art of videography, exploring various aspects of the craft. This includes in-depth lessons on camera operation, where participants gain hands-on experience with multiple camera models, including their very own phones!

The workshop delves into the critical elements of videography, such as framing, which teaches participants how to compose visually appealing shots, and lighting, helping them master techniques to enhance the visual quality of their videos. Sound techniques are also covered, providing insights into capturing high-quality audio.

A key highlight of the workshop is its hands-on approach, where participants have the opportunity to apply what they’ve learned through practical exercises. This experiential learning not only reinforces their knowledge but also builds their confidence in using their camera.

In essence, the Videography 101 workshop is the perfect starting point for anyone interested in embarking on a journey in videography. It equips individuals with the essential skills and knowledge needed to create compelling video content across various genres and platforms.