Senior Filmmaker

September 2024

  • Grades 9+
  • 2 hour classes
  • 10 weeks per session
  • Red Carpet Showcase night
  • $375 + HST/student per session

Our Senior Filmmaker program provides an opportunity for our senior students to learn and practice the industry standards of filmmaking. While working collaboratively on and off set, this program introduces more individualized learning depending on personal vision and interest. *Students do NOT need to have participated in Junior or Intermediate Filmmaker to take this class* 

Our senior filmmakers will explore screenwriting, directing, cinematography, and editing using professional, industry approved technology such as, black magic cameras, lights, lavalieres, and premiere pro editing software.  

At the completion of the Session, all students will have access to their final movie as an online download. 

Showcase Night: Each session will host a Red Carpet screening. This fun event allows our students the opportunity to invite friends and family to celebrate their project on the Big Screen. This will be a 30-45min event and will include all programs product from the Session. 

Note: Professional Filmmakers take years to hone their craft; please have realistic project expectations of this 10-week course. 

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Students will learn script writing techniques to put their stories to paper. 
  • Students will learn advanced multi camera techniques to film and execute scenes from written script.  
  • Students will learn editing techniques that will allow them to put their film project together as well as sound techniques for greater story telling. 
  • Students will learn work collaboratively to achieve tasks and goals.  
  • Students will learn to use time management to achieve desired film timelines and dates.  
  • Students will learn problem solving through set design, filming, and editing.  

Daily Activities: 

  • Script writing 
  • Scene development  
  • Filming  
  • Editing