Acting 1:1

Acting Lessons
1 Hr Lesson – $80.00 (+HST) per student Academy, one-on-one acting lessons are personalized, individualized training sessions where aspiring actor works closely with a qualified acting coach or instructor. These lessons focus on honing an actor’s skills, including acting techniques, character development, script analysis, and emotional expression. The 1:1 setting allows for tailored feedback, allowing the actor to improve their craft and build confidence in a supportive environment. One-on-one acting lessons are a valuable resource for actors of all levels, from beginners looking to start their journey in acting to experienced performers seeking to refine their skills and prepare for auditions or roles.

– Acting one-on-one can be done virtually (On Zoom) or in person. 
– The lessons run based off the student specific area of growth they would like to work on. 
– The coach can also provide feedback and guide the student towards their goal.
– Or the coach can specifically focus on developing a character for a project the student has already booked. 


Self-Tape Audition Prep Service
$95.00 (+ HST) per self-tape *includes editing

With Academy’s, Self-Tape Audition Prep, experience the future of auditions with our self-tape service. Combined with our one-on-one acting lesson, you can benefit even further from professional guidance. Record at your convenience, receive high-quality and timely submissions (which can be sent directly to your agent), all in one package.

Try our preparation service today and increase your odds of landing your dream role!